Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My Mickey Award shot by my 5 yr old grandgirl
Blossom showing my art set up

Front: Barbara Perrotti, Dorothy Gardiner :Back Durinda, and Diane Johnson
at the Artists' Reception on Thursday night

English Doorway, oil on canvas, Sold

The Artists in the Gardens weekend was LOVERLY! The gardens were awesome and that is quite a feat given the cold weather that Florida has had this winter. I enjoyed seeing my art friends at the reception and lunches as well as painting in the "United Kingdom". The Epcot cast members take great care of us, providing water and sodas throughout the day. Friday and Saturday the weather was perfect and then Sunday it clouded up and poured later in the afternoon. We were packed up at lunchtime and didn't go back on the streets. I had a few sales, which is always an added bonus, and talked to some really interesting guests. The children are the most fun. I had two young boys who came right up to me and said, "I'm an artist too!" I just loved that!

If you get the chance, visit Epcot during the International Flower and Garden Festival in the spring. The plein air artists are there only the one weekend, but there is lots going on throughout the festival. I am so honored to have taken part in my fourth year and hoping for a return in 2011!

Now, go play in your yard!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Woad Again....

In the UK gardens at Epcot in '08
My husband thinks the neighbors don't know I live here, it seems like I have been gone more than I have been home this year (true). We are leaving today for Disneyworld and the Artists in the Gardens weekend. Each spring Epcot hosts the International Flower and Garden Festival with all kinds of gardening exhibits and beautiful flowers in the World Showcase. This is my fourth year to be invited to paint plein air in the park. There will be sixteen artists scattered through the countries painting on location. It is always a fun weekend meeting guests and visitors in the park and getting to paint in such a wonderful location. The UK has the English cottages and gardens full of color. Last year I painted in Canada and it was equally as pretty. I can't wait to see what the horicultural department has done this year with the landscaping.
For your artists, I will be taking my Anderson easel. It has a swivel back that will lay flat because I will be taking my watercolors. I can either stand and paint or sit by adjusting the height. I will be using my transparent colors - no cadimums or earth colors. My Art comber is going again too. It holds everything in the basket and has the chair that pulls out. You never know when a quick rain will pop up in FL and it is good to have a place where everything can go plus it has wheels so it is easy to transport. A good sunhat, sunscreen, and I am ready to woll- eh, roll!
Wishing you a magical week!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing Words of Wisdom

David Leffel with his portrait demo
I had the opportunity to attend the David Leffel workshop on Longboat Key in February. This is my second workshop with David. There were six of us who were returning students. Needless to say, the level of artwork from the students was very high. I guess every field has its superstars and groupies. I read where Einstein had a following. David certainly has his groupies. He turned around once while helping another person and saw me- notebook in hand writing down his every word. I learn so much just from listening to him explain the method of painting. My favorite quote of his is "Painting is a very logical way to putting down what you see." Yes, he makes it sound and look so easy. We all know that it isn't, but we strive to get better.

This year David amazed us by doing a self-portrait. He painted most of it on Thursday night with an audience after teaching all day. I thought it was pretty amazing then. When he worked on it a little the next day in class, it was truly amazing. Just little twinks of brushwork here and there and it really came to life. David has a new book of his many self-portraits. He encouraged all of us to do self-portraits yearly. I haven't done one in years. Something else to strive for. I think I need a few more lifetimes to get everything in I want to paint and do, don't you?
Now, to get ready for the Artists in the Gardens weekend in Disneyworld next week!