Friday, September 21, 2007

Oil Class

This is the first day of the oil painting class on Lookout taken by Meg Patton of the Mountain Mirror. Seated: Sarah Fowler, standing: Durinda, Evelle Dana and Anne Platt. This week, Charlotte Wardlaw joined us. We started a still life of sunflowers that Sarah brought us. When painting from life, I begin with "massing or blocking in" the local color or mid-tone color that you see. Then mix the color darker, usually with its complementary color where you see shading and then finally mix the color lighter. This seems to go faster than building on the darks. Everyone had a very good start. I also recommend working more on the live objects since they will be different or even gone in a few days. We will finish the paintings next week, using the pitcher and other flowers plus our photos.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Touch of Tuscany at Hollis Gallery in October

My paintings inspired by my summer trip to Tuscany will be on display at the Hollis Gallery in the Southside area of Chattanooga in October. On Friday, October 12 in the afternoon, I will have my easel set up and paint in the gallery. I was thinking sunflowers or wine bottles, any suggestions? On Saturday, October 13, there will be an open house with snacks from the Tuscany area. I hope that my paintings will bring back good memories to those who have been there or spark the imagination of others who haven't had the opportunity yet. So plan to drop in during October and see the new works, and especially come by the open house and visit with me.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the cooler weather!

Lookout Mountain Art Classes Underway

The art classes on Lookout started Wednesday, September 12. This is the afternoon watercolor group. We are glad to have Barbara Murray join us this year. Here is the gang: Betty Moses, seated; LJ Huffaker, Ann Currey, Jan Michaels, Barbara Murray, and Wendy Williams. They are such wonderful ladies and artists. I will post a photo of the morning oil class when I can get it uploaded! Anne Platt, Sarah Fowler, and Evelle Dana started Wednesday. We have a couple of spaces in the morning class and a wait list for the afternoon class. If you or someone you know are interested in joining either one, let me know! Watch for an article on the classes in the October Mountain Mirror and an open house later in November in the studio/gallery space.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gallery Hop News

Here are Sandi Abney and her brother Carl in Hollis Gallery. The Gallery Hop was a big success. I was in the gallery that afternoon and we had a steady stream of people visit. I am sure the crowds got larger after we left. Bill and I had dinner at St. John's closeby and then "hopped" around ourselves. I enjoyed seeing other artists and their works. Especially exciting was seeing Sandi's son Keith's new gallery on River Street in Coolidge Park. Everything looked great! Chattanooga is a great place to see all types of original art by local, regional and national artists.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gallery Hop in Chattanooga

This is a new painting that is in Hollis Gallery for the Gallery Hop this Saturday in downtown Chattanooga. Sandi Abney owns the gallery in the Southside section of town. I have known Sandi for many years, she is a Georgia girl too. Her son, Keith, has opened another gallery in the Coolidge Park area on the North Shore. Sandi paints landscapes and florals in oil and Keith does very contemporary city scenes and abstracts. I am "into" large scale florals right now. I hope that someone else is "into" them as well and takes this one home! Hollis Gallery is located at 1401 Williams Street next to Niko's Restaurant.
I will be the featured artist in October with scenes from my Tuscany trip this summer.

Newest Princess

This is AuBree Elaine Cheek, our newest GrandGirl born September 5th in Chattanooga, Tennessee to my son, Kevin and Stephanie. AuBree weighed 8 lbs 9 oz. We are very thankful that she and mom are very healthy. She even has curly hair (like Dee Dee's) ha.

It's hard to explain how you feel to someone who hasn't experienced grandchildren yet, but they are truly a blessing in your life. Bill and I are very thankful for our other two princesses, Caylea and Camryn, from daughter Caron.

Sorry this post doesn't have anything to do with art or travel, but family does affect your feelings and well-being. Now, back to painting!