Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing Words of Wisdom

David Leffel with his portrait demo
I had the opportunity to attend the David Leffel workshop on Longboat Key in February. This is my second workshop with David. There were six of us who were returning students. Needless to say, the level of artwork from the students was very high. I guess every field has its superstars and groupies. I read where Einstein had a following. David certainly has his groupies. He turned around once while helping another person and saw me- notebook in hand writing down his every word. I learn so much just from listening to him explain the method of painting. My favorite quote of his is "Painting is a very logical way to putting down what you see." Yes, he makes it sound and look so easy. We all know that it isn't, but we strive to get better.

This year David amazed us by doing a self-portrait. He painted most of it on Thursday night with an audience after teaching all day. I thought it was pretty amazing then. When he worked on it a little the next day in class, it was truly amazing. Just little twinks of brushwork here and there and it really came to life. David has a new book of his many self-portraits. He encouraged all of us to do self-portraits yearly. I haven't done one in years. Something else to strive for. I think I need a few more lifetimes to get everything in I want to paint and do, don't you?
Now, to get ready for the Artists in the Gardens weekend in Disneyworld next week!

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