Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art is Comfort Food for the Soul

Sometimes you have to express what is in your heart. This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks (understandably). When you make your money from selling art or from selling anything right now it can be nerve wrecking to think about. So I hope that no matter what business you are in, this message will lift your spirits and give you ideas that are helpful.

Lundi (Monday) Oil on Canvas, Durinda Cheek

A lot of preparation goes into a show or any event where you have invited the public and depend on them for the revenue. Once artwork is chosen, framing is considered, titles, prices, hanging, buying advertising, mailing invitations. . . the list goes on. The news we are hearing about the economy isn't great which makes anyone nervous. You need to have sales to cover your expenses and it would be nice to come out ahead.

People are willing to pay for products that they feel they "need". Artwork is an emotional purchase. It either "grabs" a person for its subject matter, style, color, shape, or some type of connection. In my opinion, art is not a luxury item. People have the need to surround themselves with things they admire, things they are proud of, or things that have meaning to them. Art is Comfort Food for the Soul.

As an artist, I am honored when someone purchases my paintings. I have a connection with them now because they have a "piece" of my heart. I don't paint things that I don't like. I don't like ugly art, political statements, explicit sexual content, or violent scenes. I probably wouldn't have been commissioned to paint during any political uprising! I want my paintings to bring joy to the owners. Is it a memory of a place they loved? Someplace they would like to be? Colors that embrace their personality? If it "goes" with their sofa, that's great. That means it has the color palette that they want around them. I like those colors too or I wouldn't have chosen them for the work.

I am so proud of the students' works in their upcoming Autumn Art Show next weekend. Some of them have been with me almost three years and others are fairly new to my weekly classes. They are all special to me and I am blessed to have them in my life. I hope that many of their friends and the invited public will come to support them. And, who knows? You may go away with a little Comfort for Your Soul.

Autumn Art Show

October 23 - 26

Thursday, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Friday & Saturday, 11:00 - 5:00

Sunday, 1:00 - 5:00

Happy Painters' Studio

116 N Watauga Lane

Lookout Mountain, TN

Monday, October 13, 2008

All About Amelia

Here is our group during the week on Amelia Island. The gals are Martha Elder, Ann Currey, Barbara Murray, Betty Moses,
Sarah Fowler, and
L.J. Huffaker.

Sorry the photos are
so jumbled up- use your creativity to figure out which are which!

Yes, we had a little fun with our studies at the Amelia Island workshop. Here they are calling on their inner Creative Goddesses while going over the notes for the week. The boas made for a different interpretation of "feathers flying". I am sure that L.J. will have to explain to her husband about the feathers everywhere in their home on Amelia Plantation. The highlight was the burning of the creative blockers in her outdoor firepit. We were now ready to paint!

Tuesday we set up at Walker's Landing, a wonderful park including a boat launch and event house that overlooked the marshes. Absolutely a stunning view! Tuesday night we had dinner at the Ocean Club, an Amelia Island Plantation owner's exclusive. It was make your own pasta night with everything you could imagine, including a dessert table. After all the hard work outside that day, we deserved that wonderful meal.

Wednesday was Paint the Town day. Our group lined up across from The Addison House, a bed and breakfast in the historic section of Fernandina Beach. Our lesson that day had been drawing in perspective and this house had lots of it! We were able to have lunch outdoors in the courtyard of La Bodega Cafe downtown. That afternoon we visited Amelia SanJon Gallery (see earlier posts) where I am the featured artist this month with paintings of beach chairs and marshes. (L.J. stands with some of my works and Sandy's display of jewelry and pottery in the gallery)
Thursday we painted at the Tiger Point marina. I had driven there during the summer and loved the drydocked boats. Lucky for us, the marina let us use their event house decks that just so happened to overlook the docks. Artist friend, Barbara Perrotti from Ormond Beach, FL phoned to invite all of us to an opening of her artwork on Amelia that night! (That's her in the hot pink jacket at the opening). It was so fun to see Barbara and husband, Lou, and her beautiful paintings of children and figures in beach settings. Another great meal that night at Brett's, a waterfront restaurant in town. The week really flew for me. I hope the gals who were brave enough to go with me enjoyed the introduction to plein air painting Amelia Island style!
If you are interested in information about my next workshop, email me to keep you on an update list:
Happy Painting!