Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I noticed on FB that many people were posting a word  that would be their theme for the new year.  I immediately thought of Commitment for mine.  Sure it means being more committed to my artwork and not letting things take my time that aren't as important.  But it also means to me to commit to spending more time on my relationships with family, friends, and patrons.  As an artist, I tend to cherish my alone time.  I need things to be calm so I can ponder.  Not really deep thinking, more like creative problem solving.  And then there's the time I need to create.  As a result, I tend to not think about spending time with other people.   I hope to set aside time to visit and share more this year.

The last year brought a lot of changes in my life.  Some were good, some were OK, and a few weren't so pleasant.  Usually the ones you lie awake worrying about never turn out as badly as you thought they would. It's the ones that blindside you when you are awake and you had no idea they were coming.  Ever get those?
So here's hoping there are a lot less of the bad moments and more of the good ones for the coming year for you and me!

I am working in the studio on paintings for an upcoming show "Inspired Destinations" which will be hung in late Jan.  My space is strewn now with paintings of Italy and France.  Some complete, some in different stages, and some still pictured in my brain. I'm trying some new techniques and playing with glazes, varnishes, and palette knife painting.   I'm hoping to get more done than I think I need so there will be pieces left for other venues.

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."-  Nelson Mandela

So what is your word you would like to use this year?  Send me your Word in an email and I will send the first five of you my 2014 Calendar.