Friday, June 6, 2008

Bonjour from Fountaine-Fourches, France

Not sure if I can post any photos on this, I am trying to read the French on Mon Yahoo to know what to do. It is beautiful here in the countryside. It has been rainy and cool. I am sitting beside a fire after painting outside for an hour or so. I got cool- yes, I know it is quite warm back in the southeast US, but it is more like March here right now than June. I haven't been able to paint outdoors as much as I had planned, but the rest has been wonderful so far.

Tomorrow the workshop participants will arrive! I am ready to get to painting for the next two weeks. Kippy has driven me around to several villages and spots that will be perfect for our plein air experience. IF the weather continues to be cool and damp, we will use her barn/studio that has all the comforts and paint tres francais pottery, linens, fruits, vegetables, and beautiful roses from her garden.

As for painting, I am most happy with my Sourcetek panels. I wish I had brought a dozen more! I am painting with my Gamblin paints and trying out a medium called archival lean from Chroma that Kippy had in the studio. I will let you know how I like it. It is similar to Liquin, but not as gel-like, more like Galkyd Lite. I have been painting here around the house and studio, one of the door to the boiler room, but I call it the pottery shed, one of the rooftop of the house with the roses over the arbor, and one of the barn doors which lead to the studio upstairs. Will try to shoot and post them soon!

Until next time,

Au Revoir!


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vickiandrandyrossart said...

So, I leave on Thursday, and you are outside painting? No grief with me being gone?

All kidding aside, your group is in for a indescribable experience with Kippy, Jerome, and the famous La Bonne Etoile!