Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here we are in Paris!

L to R: Durinda, Sarah Fowler, L.J. Huffaker, Anne Platt, Ann Currey, Faye Woolfolk

This is the group of Happy Painters in front of the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. Yes- it is June 12, it is summer, and it is COLD here in France, to us. We keep hearing about the 90 degree weather in Chattanooga, but it is in the 60s with wind and a lot of rain showers here. Neverless, when the sun does shine, we have been trooping out to farm fields and village gardens to paint. Nothing like seeing a large poppy and pea field close up. We toured a large chateau with beautiful furnishings very close to where we are staying. Our train trip to Paris included a guided tour of the Impressionists paintings, followed by lunch in the museum restaurant (tres chic!) and then a visit to L'Orangerie where Monet's large waterlily paintings are displayed.

Saturday found us in the medieval walled city of Provins where a medieval festival was being held. It was a lot like the Renaissance festivals we have, but this was in the REAL thing with the tents set up in the mote around the outside of the city. What was so cool were all the people who came to the festival ALSO dressed in costumes: mothers, dads, children and even babies! It was hard to tell the performers from the visitors!
The group has been working on still life paintings in the studio with a copper pot, wine glass, and fresh produce when we can't get outside to paint. There is always a way!
A busy week ahead for the painters! Let's hope the weather cooperates and we get lots of outdoor painting time!
Au Revoir for now!

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vickiandrandyrossart said...

What a good-lookin' group! Not a pair of Columbia zip-off pants to be found! Y'all look like real Parisians...I'm sure you made Kristina and Jerome proud!

I'm usually the one who stand out in a crowd...I either have appropriate clothes and wrong art supplies or a complete store supply and the wrong clothes! Either way I always have a blast!

Can't wait to see paintings!

Vicki Ross