Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sourcetek Artist Panels for Plein Air Painting

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Sourcetek at that I had won $100 of their products in their monthly drawing! I had gone on the site to order their artist panels for the upcoming France workshop and saw their promotion for their 10 year anniversary. I registered with the thoughts of placing my order later.

Sourcetek makes handmade artist canvas panels. I have used their birch panels for quite a while for my plein air work. They are easily packed, carried, and stored. Perfect for plein air work. This time, I am trying the Gatorboard panels. They will be even lighter to carry. I am so excited to share the panels with my workshop participants.

The owner, Will Pierce, also phoned to offer his help with the workshop. He will be sending sample product panels as well. This will allow my students to try the different supports and canvases to find their preference. Thanks Sourcetek! You will also see on their website the other products they carry such as brushes, paints, cleaners, and carriers. It is really nice to have a company with such top quality products that makes an artist's life much easier!

Keep painting!

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