Sunday, March 2, 2008

Valentine's Painting

OK, I do have a mean streak once in a while. This is what was left of my Valentine's Day bouquet from my husband Bill. I thought I would show it next to my painting. My point being, you have to paint fast when you work with live flowers! They were here a few days before I finally gave in and started painting them. These actually kept well and you can see the daisies are still not bad, but the roses and other flowers are long gone. I finished the painting last week and yes, tossed the flowers!

For you painters, try working close to life size when you have flowers or a still life set up. Use as large a brush as you can and get the paint on there!
I used some impasto strokes (thick) on some of the flowers. Bill said it reminded him of a Van Gogh. (He was just trying to impress me with his art knowledge- ha!)
Now to finish painting those potted jonquils that I bought last week for my art classes and no one chose to paint them. I guess I am just a sucker for flowers this time of year!
Enjoy your week!

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