Sunday, March 16, 2008

Going Green

"Going Green" really has little to do with the jonquils. They are just a reminder that we are keepers of this earth. My concerns for the environment involve the responsibilities of making art. When painting outside, be careful not to disturb the area where you are setup. This includes not dumping water containers filled with acrylic pigment or God forbid, turpentine or mineral spirits on the ground or ground water. Carry a trash bag, empty jars with lids, and paper towels that you can use to soak up the liquids. And take it all with you!
I saw a workshop artist throw his paper towels on the ground that he used to wipe extra oil paint from his brushes. His theory was, paint fast and then pick up the mess when you are through. Mine is, the paint is touching either plants, grass, or dirt where animals, insects, or reptiles may come into contact. Why take that chance?
In the studio, you can, of course, keep recycling your paint thinner. You know too, not to pour anything down the sink. For more on studio safety, check with
Now, let's get outside and paint!

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