Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5: Red Sea

Red Sea
12 x 12

Couldn't let the week slip by without doing a poppy painting!  This one started as a demo for the Impressionist oil painting class on Tuesday.  Of course the scene is from a photo taken in Provence during a workshop there last May.  Not saying that every time I go to France or Provence that I see a poppy field, but have been fortunate to find them.  Now if you are interested in finding them too, please join me for Painting in Provence, May 27, 2014 for a week of painting and discovery of that lovely region!!  Registration is open now:  Register before November 30 and receive a discount!  
The name for this painting came from one of my grandgirls who said it looked like a sea of red!

Also, thanks for bearing with me on this monthly painting challenge! I just found out how to post on the 30 Day blog without posting to my blog every time!  So what I will do now, is upload several paintings and send out no more than once a week.  I like my friends too, but everyday in the mail box is a little much for me.  I hope this will work!

Happy September!


Susan Ciufo said...

very pretty, I love the vibrant colors

Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

Thank you, Susan Ciufo, for your kind comment! Provence is a painter's dream. You should think about going with me in May!

Karen Bruson said...


Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

Thank you, Karen Bruson, for your comment on Red Sea. I do have a love of fields of bright red poppies!

Linda Nickles said...

Gorgeous, vibrant colors, Durinda! Love this!

Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

Linda Nickles, I am glad you like it!
I've lost count of how many poppy fields I've painted over the years because I love them so much!

Phyllis Franklin said...