Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Golden Moment
Oil on linen
20 x 24

It is difficult for me to understand artists who have "creativity" blocks.  They can't think of anything they want to paint.  I am sure this must happen to some people once in a while sort of like writer's block?  I am not one of those people.  As part of my ADD, I can get over-stimulated with visual images.  I can see paintings nearly every place I look.  I am constantly seeing compositions and thinking about how I would paint something.  I name colors in my head and how to mix them.  I am not a good traveling companion.  Instead of navigating, I am looking out the window and painting in my head.  Do other artists do this?  Surely some do! 
So how do you become inspired to actually go from looking at something or seeing something in your head to putting in down on canvas?  First, I think of painting as a visual language.  What is it you want to communicate to others?  You will not be standing next to that painting to explain it, what is it you want to say about the subject?  It is about the color scheme, the mood, the atmosphere, or the light?  Is it the tilt of someones head, the expression of a child, the texture of a cloth?  Then choose your tools:  the medium, the colors, the brushstrokes.  In my recent workshop "All About Color" one student said, "I have learned to Think More and Paint Less."  Hmmm, perhaps that is something we all need to do.  Like thinking before speaking.  Make your comments count.  Your inspiration is waiting!

This weekend, March 23 - 25, I will be painting en plein air at Walt Disneyworld's Flower and Garden Festival 2012.  It takes place in Epcot every spring and I am always so thrilled to take part.  I will be in "Italy".  This is my seventh year to be invited?  I'll be posting on my FB page: DurindaCheek and on my Fan Page:  Durinda'sFineArtFanPage so hope you can join me and see my inspirations for this week!

Ciao for now, ya'll!


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vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yeah, kinda like driving along thinking about how you'd mix certain colors you see in the sky. Or, snapping pics of clouds...that never look as good back at home as they did driving under them :)