Sunday, March 22, 2009

Truth or Dare?

The bank- first layer of color- tilted to cut the glare
The depot- the drawing

The Mill- a start, with darks and lights.
This seemed like the right title for my post today. As an artist, you can portray what you see as closely as possible to the "real" thing, or you can take an inspiration from nature and do your own interpretation. One way is not better than the other way or more important. The question lies within you. What are you wanting to express? What do you want the viewer to see or feel by looking at your painting or drawing?

I guess I was ready to hear what watercolorist Tom Lynch and oil painter David Leffel were saying during their workshops last month. Both said, "Make a painting." I understood that meant put yourself into the work and the viewer will relate to it. So if that means you change a color, you move a tree, you lighten or darken an area to make the work itself better, then do it! It is not a "put see" as Jack Beal says. You are in control of the painting, it is not in control of you.

All that said, I have been working on my three commissioned paintings and still worrying about what I leave out, what I move, what I change to "make a painting." On most occasions, I work with a client about what they want. I change or enhance to please them. I am on my own with these. Since the images are "real" places and things that people will recognize, I want them to resemble the actual thing. But I also see where I can make the overall image "read" better. So how much of the truth do you give the viewer and how much do you dare to change? Think about it in your art if you paint or in your own line of work. How much will I change?
Stay tuned......
I leave for Epcot this Wednesday to paint in the World Showcase for three days. So as they say in WDW,
Have a Magical Day!

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