Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is Katie Cundiff painting with a limited palette at the Ringling Museum. Did you know you could make a landscape with just red, yellow, black, and white? So, no excuses about not having the right tube colors.

On Saturday, I painted with the Tom Lynch en plein air watercolor workshop at Marina Jack's in downtown Sarasota. Tom is here for a week of sessions sponsored by Sarasota Art & Frame. You could choose your days and topics. I took part in the Mountains and Mist day on Wednesday also. Tom really gives you a workout with a series of exercises. My "teacher self" was impressed. He also generously gave each of us one of his prints that he signed.

You never know who you will run into while painting en plein air. Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? Susie Covert and I enjoyed a morning of painting on Lido Key Beach with our new "friends". Lido has some wonderful trees which sounds strange when you think about a beach, but for painters, it is much more interesting than just the flat white sand on the beach.

We also painted with Suncoast Plein Air Florida at a marina on Thursday in the fog! Usually the fog will lift after a while, but this one didn't. Talk about mixing grays! Do not attempt this from a photo! ;>)
So much to paint and so little time!

I also attended a demo this week at M Gallery. Roger Dale Brown from Nashville was in town and showed how he painted in the studio just like he paints outdoors. He uses his computer screen for his image. This scene was in Ocala where he had painted on location and also took some photos. It was interesting to see how he modified the image from the photo to produce a beautiful composition.

With all these new ideas and information, what shall I do today? Hmmmm....paint?
Wishing you a week of new discoveries!


cella said...

I always love your posts! They are so in-the-moment, just as en plein air painting. Yours in art ~ Cella

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I can tell you've been travelin'...haven't heard from you in a large while!

Durinda Cheek said...

Thanks, Cella. I try to post once a week when I am traveling, but I forget sometimes. I am not the best with shooting my paintings to download, but am working on it! How are things with you?