Saturday, April 12, 2008

Artists in the Gardens- Great Fun!

Photos from the Artists in the Gardens weekend at Walt Disneyworld's International Garden and Flower Festival.
Top left: Barbara Perrotti (portrait demo)Top Center: Barbara, Durinda, and Dorothy Gardiner. Top right: Durinda painting in the U.K. before the park opened (photo by D.J. Gibson, Jr.) Left: Martin Figlinsky at his easel. Center: D.J. (cast member in charge of U.K. artists) and Durinda. Right: Durinda, Linda Blondheim, Barbara Perrotti, and L.Diane Johnson, seated (a few of the Southern Ladies Artists that enjoy painting together regionally).
I was assigned to the U.K. this year. It was absolutely beautiful with the cottage gardens. Other artists with me were Martin Figlinsky, Panama City, FL; Dorothy Gardiner, Clearwater, FL; and Alberto Ortego, Orlando, FL. The other countries with painters were Canada, France, and Italy. We stayed in the cottages of the Boardwalk Inn, enjoyed a banquet on Thursday night, and lunch together daily. And yes, we painted! It is so much fun to paint there and meet all the visitors with questions and thoughts about art. Linda Blondheim does a wonderful job getting everything and everybody together. The Horticultural staff along with the other department cast members really make us feel special. You don't have to be a "art lover" to enjoy this weekend, there are concerts, special seminars, and lots of other activities, but I did meet several guests who said they come just to see the artists paint in the countries each year. It is especially fun to talk to the children who are so interested in art. One small boy in a stroller was drawing little stick figures. I asked him if I could have one and he said, "No!" I told his mom to hold onto the drawings, they would be worth something some day! Another girl stayed with me while I painted a foxglove. When she came back through late in the day, I signed it and gave it to her as my "youngest collector". She was thrilled.
This week has been hectic, getting back to the "real" world! I still need to take my paintings out of the pizza boxes and shoot them. Will post them next week!
Enjoy Spring!!


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