Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ginny's Sunflowers

I wanted to share the painting that my friend, Ginny Stiles, did from last week's posting of Searching for Subjects. Ginny and I met in Sarasota a few years ago and enjoy seeing and painting with each other at least once a year. Mostly we keep in touch via email. Ginny is a wonderful watercolor artist and teacher. Recently she has experimented with acrylics. This is an acrylic. Since I have been "playing" with acrylics lately too, it has been fun to share the joys and woes of trying a new medium. I am seeing what I can do with acrylic underpainting for my oils. Still not sure if it saves time or not. I think Ginny has adapted very well to the acrylic. Beautiful painting, Ginny!

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