Friday, September 21, 2007

Oil Class

This is the first day of the oil painting class on Lookout taken by Meg Patton of the Mountain Mirror. Seated: Sarah Fowler, standing: Durinda, Evelle Dana and Anne Platt. This week, Charlotte Wardlaw joined us. We started a still life of sunflowers that Sarah brought us. When painting from life, I begin with "massing or blocking in" the local color or mid-tone color that you see. Then mix the color darker, usually with its complementary color where you see shading and then finally mix the color lighter. This seems to go faster than building on the darks. Everyone had a very good start. I also recommend working more on the live objects since they will be different or even gone in a few days. We will finish the paintings next week, using the pitcher and other flowers plus our photos.

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