Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your World of Art Interview on Charter TV

Cameraman Josh Brown, Charter TV
Donna Hilley, owner of Artistic Gifts and Framing, with Ron Arnold

D with Ron Arnold, host of Your World of Art
Just so you'll know, I was taped for a segment on Your World of Art, a Charter TV show. Donna Hilley of Artistic Gifts and Framing, my gallery in Dalton, Georgia, arranged to have the interview at her shop on June 23. Ron Arnold, the host, and I stood in front of one of my paintings in the gallery and talked about my beginnings as an art student and later as an instructor and professional artist. I tried to be at ease, after all, you are being asked about yourself, nothing you shouldn't already know, right? Ron also interviewed Heidi Ingle, an art teacher from the Dalton area. I went first- gulp! We went straight through, no stops or retakes. You know, it is pretty easy to talk about your work, but making your life sound interesting- well, that is something else entirely. So, I hope I didn't bore anyone to sleep, or maybe if I did, I hope you see images of French cottages and poppy fields in your dreams. That's what I try to dream about.
The show is airing on Charter Cable TV channel 17 (at my house) and maybe channel 22 in other places. I have caught it around 8 pm nightly. It should run during the month of July. I think the whole concept of spotlighting local and regional artists is really kind of nice. We try to promote other things, why not the artists and craftsmen as well? BTW, Ron is a photographer and shows his work at Reflections Gallery in Chattanooga, another gallery of mine. Check out Heidi's cute animals in acrylic. She has been selling at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays. It is always a pleasure to meet other artists and talk "shop". I hope the interview will encourage children and young people to think about following their dream of becoming an artist someday. And, give inspiration to those adults who have always wanted to paint or draw, but just haven't started.
"Life is a great big canvas; and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye
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