Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lasting Memories

Field of Poppies
Oil on canvas
16 x 20
So every chance I get to refer back to my photographs and notes of France, I take it. My daughter asked for a painting for the Boyd Buchanan School fundraiser. Of course I have paintings that were finished and framed that I could have chosen, but I wanted to get back to my "zen zone" of painting the wild poppy fields. This is the one I selected for the auction. I hope it will find a good home. The auction is Saturday, April 17, at the school. I am working on a couple more of the fields this same size and smaller works of Italy scenes.
If you would like to see the "La Dolce Vita" show on line here is the link for il chiostro. If that doesn't work, just try . I would appreciate you voting for my painting The Brass Shop Doorway (watercolor) as one of your 3 favorites. You simply email: and write VOTE for the subject. Then in the message list your favorites by name and artist. If you love Italy, you will love this show! Workshops are being booked now, so if you are thinking about going with me in October to Tuscany, get your name in! I will furnish you a sketch journal and IF I should win as one of the top favorites from the show, you could be in for a surprise too!
"A landscape is always something other than the reality it portrays. It is essentially a product of the mind." Charles Burchfield
Now go think good thoughts!

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