Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Gallery Space Idea in Chattanooga

A new idea in creating gallery space has opened in Chattanooga. Charline West, wife of artist Terry A. West, has partnered with Eastgate Town Center to show and sell artwork within the corporate space. Eastgate was the original mall of the area and now houses several large companies and medical offices. Charline met one of the owners and director, Hoss Baghay, who expressed interest in placing art within the space after he commissioned paintings from Terry for his home. Charline, the business mind of the partnership, saw the opportunity to showcase professional work. She has invited artists of varying styles and mediums to be part of the new Spence Gallery.

Artists include Sandy Bose, oils; Judith Briton, pastels; Helen Burton, watercolors; Durinda Cheek, oils; Jere Chumley, acrylics; Valerie Fleming, photography; Carolyn Kaufman, mixed-media; Will Rhodarmer, acrylics; Sandy Washburn, acrylics; and Terry Wes, watercolors and acrylics. I am honored to be a part of this fine group of artists from all around the region!

The best part is the artwork is available to the public seven days a week, plenty of free parking, good lighting, and plenty of space to view the work. Every tag shows the contact person on site available for sales. Charline has thoughts of placing a million dollars worth of original art! For those who don't want to go into a "gallery" setting, for those who want to see a variety of work under one roof, and for those who work the same time that other galleries are open, this space will be ideal for shopping for art! Isn't it wonderful when the corporate world wants to support the arts!

Back to painting!


Linda Blondheim said...

Great for you Durinda. I hope you all sell well there.

Durinda Cheek said...

Thanks, Linda! I will let you know if this is successful. It may be a good alternative for gallery space.